Adamjee Life Omni Insurance Plan

UBL Omni in association with “Adamjee” Life brings to you “Adamjee Life Insurance Plan”, a unique Life insurance cover, designed to ensure the security of UBL Omni customers and their families & to provide a safety net in case of the breadwinner`s unfortunate demise. The coverage amount is paid to the beneficiary (remittance receiver) in case of any mishap. So hurry & subscribe now!

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Customer will have the option of subscribing for insurance by simply sending Money from Omni Dukaan or from Omni account.

No Documentation is required to subscribe to Adamjee Life Insurance Plan. It is completely hassle free.

Coverage Type:
  • Life Coverage for Accidental and Natural death
  • Terrorism protection
  • Complete coverage during riots & strikes
Coverage Duration:
30 Days from the date following the remittance transaction
Coverage Amount (Sum Assured):
Six times the sending amount e.g. if you are sending PKR 10,000, you will be insured for an amount of PKR 60,000
Multiple Policies:
Customer can activate multiple policies under the maximum sum assured limit per CNIC.
Policy Initiation:
Customer will get instant SMS from Omni that he has paid the premium to subscribe for the insurance.
Policy confirmation:
Within 24 hrs customer will receive SMS from Adamjeelife with the policy details.
Age Limit:
18-59 years
Person sending the remittance amount will be the insured.
Maximum sum assured:
A sender can get covered for a maximum of Rs. 180,000 (per CNIC).
In case of transaction revoke, policy & coverage continues.
Insurance is non-cancellable & non transferable.
In case of the unfortunate demise of the insured the coverage amount will be given to the remittance receiver. Beneficiary should be a CNIC holder. Beneficiary can only be:
Suicide will not be covered.
All Cases to be diverted to Adamjee Life
Beneficiary to contact Adamjee Life for claim.
Adamjee LIfe will guide the document requirements
NADRA and Hospital Death Certificate.
Claimant statement.
CNIC copies of deceased and beneficiary.
If necessarily required Adamjee Life can ask for the additional documentation to validate the claim before payment.
Beneficiary to send the documents to Adamjee Life.
Upon complete document receiving, Adamjee Life will process the claim.
Adamjee Life shall deliver claim cheque to the beneficiary on the provided address.
For More information pls call Adamjee Life Helpline 021-111-11-LIFE (5433)
*UBL Omni is only acting as a distributor / facilitator for Admajee Life Insurance Plan.Any further service for policy maintenance & claim filling should be directly dealt with Adamjee Life’s Head Office.The Bank is not responsible in any manner whatsoever to the customer, his/her beneficiary or any third party. (Adamjee Life is registered and supervised by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.)
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