Claim Procedure

In the event of a claim during the term of the life insurance policy, the nominee has to intimate the insurance company. For Non Death Claims, insured can contact Adamjee Life by themselves using any one of the following means:

Telephone Call:
Claims Department: 021-38677191 and 021-38677114
Call Centre (Help Line): 021-111-11-5433

Written Request:
The Claims Department
M/s Adamjee Life Assurance Company Ltd
Suite No 323, 325, 3rd Floor, The Forum
Plot G-20 Block -9, Clifton

To make sure that the claim is processed as quickly as possible, we do ask that you, or someone on your behalf, let us know of any claim you’re making within 30 calendar days from the date that the incident occurred.

We have a 4 Step Claim process

  • Claimant to intimate Adamjee Life Assurance Co Ltd about the claim
  • Adamjee Life Assurance Co Ltd informs the claimant to complete the documentation for faster claim processing
  • Claimant to submit complete set of the required documents
  • Adamjee Life Assurance Co Ltd to take decision on the claim

For Death Claim

Basic Requirements are

  • Claim Forms
  • Death certificates (NADRA / Union Council and Hospital Death Certificate)
  • Original Policy Documents
  • Attested CNIC Copies of the Beneficiary and the Deceased
  • Police Report and Post Mortem Report (if accidental death).
  • Hospital & Medical Records.

For Disability Claims

  • Claim Forms
  • Hospital /Medical Records, X-rays and other treatment records
  • Disability Certificate
  • Police Report and MLO Report (if registered)

Additional documents may be asked if deemed necessary

Normally when all the requirements have been submitted, It takes 3-5 working days for the decision of the claim. In case where verification is needed this time could be extended however in such cases the claimant is notified about it.

The claim proceeds will be paid to the beneficiary who generally is the nominee as mentioned by the Life Assured in the Application Form for Insurance.

You can know the status of your claim or clarify any of your queries by contacting our TOLL FREE 111-11-5433 or email us at or use the Eservices portal to lodge a claim.

The company honors claim payments through cheques made in favor of the company/ beneficiary.

If the nominee dies during the tenure of the Policy, what action should be taken by the Life Assured?

The Life Assured should nominate some other person in place of the deceased Nominee.

Download your claim form below:


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