Himayat Al Usra Plus

Adamjee Life in collaboration with Faysal Bank Limited has designed a product to give the utmost benefits to our customers. If you’re looking to receive early returns from a short term certificate then this is the policy to go with! The policy holds the capability of not only catering to your investment needs but also covers accidental death coverage and to top that, it guarantees a bonus of 50% on the occasion of a wedding, retirement or enrollment in an institution.
The part most crucial about this certificate is that it is a product of Window Takaful Operations and is therefore completely Shariah Compliant and interest free!

• Highest 1st year Investment Allocation (75%)

• Early Break Even in the certificate for participants investing with short term strategy

• Minimum Contribution payment term 5 Years

• Free Built in 2 million free accidental death coverage during Hajj

• Extra guaranteed 50% education, Wedding or Retirement Bonus

• No surrender Charges from the beginning of the certificate

• 100% regular contribution allocation from 3rd year onwards

• Unmatched bonus structure in the industry and Guaranteed Bonus on 5th, 7th & 10th year to maximize returns.

• Unique waiver of contribution rider on Death & Disability

• Investment Top up Ad Hoc Booster 102%

• Takaful (Protection)
5 to 30 times of the total Annualized Basic Contribution (Basic Contribution x Mode Frequency = Annualized Basic Contribution).

• Monthly Annuity Benefit
On survival of the Person Covered till maturity of the Certificate, the Monthly Annuity Benefit will be given as per the term selected by the Person Covered. The term can be 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. The PIF units will remain invested over the annuity term.

Minimum entry age 18 years (Age nearest Birthday)
Maximum entry Age 70 Years (Age nearest Birthday)
Minimum Certificate term 05 years
Minimum Contribution paying term 05 years
Maximum Certificate term 25 years or up to age of 85 whichever comes first.

• Minimum Contribution

Mode Minimum Contribution per installment
Annual Rs. 8,000/-
Semi-annual Rs. 8,000/- (Rs. 16,000/- annually)
Quarterly Rs. 8,000/- (Rs. 32,000/- annually)
Monthly Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 36,000/- annually)

• Payment Mode: (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly)

• Minimum Contribution

Certificate Year % of Basic Contribution Allocated to PIF Account Surrender Charges as % of PIF Account Value
1 75 0
2 90 0
3& onwards/td> 100 0

As you continue the participation for longer term you will gain the higher rewards in terms of Continuation Bonuses. The extra units will be allocated to your account value. This extra unit’s allocation is in addition to the basic units of allocations, provided Certificate has been in-force through the regular and timely payment of Contributions, not being lower or less than the initial Basic Contribution and there has been no partial withdrawal taken from the Certificate. The Continuation Bonus allocation is as follows.

Certificate Year % of Initial Basic Contribution Allocated to PIF Account
5 10%
7 20%
10 30%
Life Event Bonuses* 50% Bonus on Son’s University Admission
50% Bonus on Daughter’s Wedding
50% Bonus on Retirement

*After completion of 10 certificate years and certificate remains inforce through timely payment of contribution regardless of the maturity of the Certificate, the participant is eligible for Bonus on any one of these Life events (whichever comes first) during the entire tenure of the certificate. Subject to satisfactory proofs.

Investment Booster: (Ad-Hoc) / Top-up
By depositing a minimum payment of Rs. 10,000/- (over and above your regular contribution) you can enhance the growth of your invested capital through Investment Booster. Investment Booster payment which has no upper limit will be allocated at 102% in the unit account and can be made & withdrawn anytime during the certificate term to boost your accumulated cash value.

Partial Withdrawal
Certificate offers the option of making partial withdrawals from your account value. Withdrawals can be made 4 times in a certificate year and are limited to 50% of the net cash surrender value subject to maintaining a minimum balance of Rs. 10,000/-

Inflation protection: (Indexation)
This is a value-added feature to cover the inflation impact. Your contribution will increase every year by 5% of the previous years’ contribution with this option. The cash value will also increase accordingly.

Certificate Fee Nil
Fund Management Charges An annual Fee of 1.75% of the Cash Value from the PIF deducted on a monthly basis.
WakalatulIstimaar Fee Year1:25%, Year 2: 10%, Year 3 onward: 0%
Bid/ Offer Spread 5% of all contributions allocated to the unit account
Takaful Contribution With reference to attained age and based on the mortality table. A portion, 35% of Takaful Contribution will go to Operator’s Sub-Fund as PTF management fee.
Surrender & Partial
withdrawal Processing Fee
Rs. 350/-
Fund Transfer Fee
The first two switches in a certificate Year are free. A charge of Rs. 300 will be made for any further switches in that year.
Mudharib’s Share
30% p.a. on investment return of the WAQF

You can enhance the Protection Benefit by selecting any or all of the following optional Supplementary Benefits subject to payment of additional contribution.

• Spouse Protection Supplementary Benefit
In the unfortunate event of the death of the covered person’s spouse during the enforce term of this Supplementary Benefit, the Supplementary Benefits’ sum covered is payable.

• Level Term Supplementary Benefit
The feature guarantees a lump sum amount payable to the chosen beneficiary in case of death of the person covered.

• Waiver of Contribution Supplementary Benefit (WOC-Death)
On death of the person covered, ADAMJEE LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED – WINDOW TAKAFUL OPERATIONS will pay the initial (un-escalated) basic contribution for the remaining term of the rider. The beneficiary will receive the maturity benefit at the end of the certificate term.

• Critical Illness Supplementary Benefit
A lump sum benefit is paid to person covered in case he/she are diagnosed with one of the listed 20 diseases during the enforce term of this Supplementary Benefit. The lump sum benefit is additional to your main certificate benefit.

• Accidental death & Disability
A lump sum benefit is paid to person covered or the chosen beneficiary in case of accidental death & disability

• Waiver of Contribution Supplementary Benefit (WOC-Disability)
On total permanent disability of the person covered, ADAMJEE LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED – WINDOW TAKAFUL OPERATIONS will pay the initial (un-escalated) basic contribution for the remaining term of the supplementary benefit or earlier recovery or death.

• Monthly Income Benefit
On the death or permanent/total disability of the person covered due to accident or sickness during the in-force term of this supplementary benefit, ADAMJEE LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED – WINDOW TAKAFUL OPERATIONS shall pay a monthly income benefit for the remaining term of this Supplementary Benefit or earlier recovery or death.

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