Mobilink Micro finance bank is distributing Adamjee Life savings and protection products through its network across Pakistan ,focusing on financial inclusion of the unbanked market in semi urban and rural areas.

  • Saving Booster Ad-hoc Premium

You can enhance the growth of your savings through Saving Booster by depositing minimum payment of Rs.10,000 (over and above the regular premium) into your plan. Saving booster payment will be allocated at 103% in the unit account and can be made & withdrawn anytime during the plan term to boost your accumulated cash value.

  • Loan

You can take a loan upto 50% of the net cash surrender value, which is the Account value minus surrender charge, after the third policy year.

  • Inflation Protection

This is a value-added feature to cover the inflation impact. Your contributions will increase  every year by 5% or 10% of the previous year’s contributions with this option. The cash value will also increase accordingly.

  • Investment Options
    • Investment Secure Fund: Is a moderate to low risk profile fund that generates stable and secure returns by balancing the investment in long term money market investments including mixtures of PIB’s, T-Bills and fixed income instruments with the balance in cash.
    • Investment Multiplier Fund: is a moderate to high risk profile fund that generates higher returns over the long run with a mix of investments of up to 30% in equity type investments and up to 60% in a mixtures of PIB’s,T-Bills and fixed income instruments with the balance in cash.
      You are entitled to two initial free fund switches at anytime during every plan year and each subsequent switch would be charged at Rs.300.
  • Continuation Bonus

As you continue the plan for longer term you will gain the higher rewards in terms of Continuation Bonuses. The extra units will be allocated to your account value. This extra units allocation is in addition to the basic units of allocations. The Continuation Bonus allocation is as follows.

Policy Year Continuation Bonus Unit Allocation as % to Basic Premium to Account Value
5 10%
10 20%
15 25%
20 30%
  • Critical Illness Rider

A lump sum benefit is paid to you in case you are diagnosed with one of the listed 20 diseases during  the enforce term of this rider. The lump sum benefit is additional to your main plan benefit.

  • Accidental death & disability Benefit

A lump sum benefit is paid to you or your chosen beneficiary in case of accidental death or accidental permanent disability

  • Spouse Protection Rider

In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured person’s spouse during the enforce term of this rider, the rider sum assured is payable.

  • Monthly Income Benefit Rider

A monthly benefit is paid to you and your chosen beneficiary for the defined term of income benefit rider from the date of death or permanent disability.

  • Level Term Insurance Rider

The feature guarantees as lump sum amount payable to the chosen beneficiary in case of death of the insured person.

  • Waiver of Premium Rider (WOP-Death)

On death of the insured person, Adamjee Life will pay the initial (un-escalated) basic premiums for the remaining term of the rider, The beneficiary will receive the maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.

  • Waiver of Premium Rider (WOP-Disability)

On total permanent disability of the insured person, Adamjee Life will pay the initial (un-escalated) basic premiums for the remaining term of the rider. The policy holder or beneficiary will receive the maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.

  1. Choice of Insurance Coverage

You have the option to choose from the different levels of life insurance through protection multiple for the same amount of premium. 25 yrs of age or upto 85yrs.

  1. Protection Benefit

In case the policy owner dies during the plan term, the sum assured or the accumulated account value whichever is higher,less any partial withdrawals

And indebtedness, will be paid to the beneficiaries.

  1. Plan Maturity Benefit

At the time of the maturity of the policy term the insured will get the amount equal to his/her account value.

  1. Free Look Period

The plan offers free look period of 14 days, in which you can cancel your policy by contacting Adamjee Life and get your premium refunded. However, as per law Adamjee Life reserves the right to deduct expenses incurred on medical examinations of the life assured in connection with the issuance of this policy.

Account value Build-up:

Contributions made towards the plan are invested in either ofInvestment Secure Fund or Investment Multiplier Fund. You can choose to invest fully in one of the funds that suits your investment strategy. The returns earned after deduction of risk charges, monthly admin and investment management charges are accredited to the unit account balance and accumulate as the policy holder’s cash value. Fund managed by a team of expert investment managers at Adamjee Life, who adjust the investment mix in light of economic conditions and investment opportunities.

Policy Terms & Eligibility
Minimum entry age 5 years (Age nearest Birthday)
Maximum entry Age 70 Years (Age nearest Birthday)
Minimum Policy term 5 years
Minimum Premium paying term 5 years
Maximum Policy term 25 years or upto age of 85 whichever comes first.

Minimum Basic Premium: (PKR:8,000 Annual/SemiAnnually& Quarterly)

                                                  (PKR: 1500 Monthly)

Payment:                        (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly)

Policy Year % Allocation of Basic Premium to Account Value
1 40%
2 80%
3 Onwards 100%


Management Charges:  160 Basis points of Annual yield (1.6%)

Administration Fees:   Nil

Policy Fees:      Nil

Bid/Official Spread: 5% of all premiums allocated to the unit account.

For further details, please contact our Bancassurance Sales Manager/Officer, at one of the selected Waseela Bank branches.

  • Waseela-e-Zindagi is a unit linked plan which is subject to investment risk and the cash value of the plan will vary directly with the performance of the unit fund.
  • Waseela Bank is acting as the distributor of Waseela-e-Zindagi on behalf of Adamjee Life and is not responsible in any manner, whatsoever to the customer, her/her beneficiaries or any third party.
  • Adamjee Life is registered and supervised by Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  • All Waseela Bank Waseela-e-Zindagi applications are processed and approved by Adamjee Life, as per their underwriting guidelines. Waseela Bank is not responsible for processing and approval of these applications in any way, whatsoever.
  • The brochure only provides an introduction to the benefits available under the policy. Ad detailed description of how the contract works is given in “terms & cond.; which will be provided after the customer avails the service.
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