MCB Future Assurance Plan

FutureAssure is a risk-free savings plan that gives you capital protection and control over returns with flexibility and the peace of mind that your family will be secure in case of any unfortunate events. The policy will cover risks for your loved ones, secure savings for your children’s higher education or marriage expenses and ensure a healthy future. With FutureAssure, be secured and ‘Har Pal Mehfooz’.

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Contributions made towards the plan are invested in various investment vehicles that optimize the returns for the customer. The returns earned after deduction of monthly admin and investment management charges are credited to the account balance and accumulate as the policyholder’s cash value. These investments are managed by a team of expert investment managers at Adamjee Life, who adjust the investment mix in light of economic conditions and investment opportunities.

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1-Guaranteed Maturity:
The Account Value at maturity, after at leat 10 years from the policy date, s guaranteed to be not les than the sum of basic Premiums paid less cost of insurance. This guarantee is subject to conditions that premiums are paid regularly and no partial withdrawal is made.

2-Protection Benefit:
In case the policy owner dies during the plan term, the accumulated account value or the aggregate basic premium paid less partial withdrawals and indebtedness, whichever is higher, will be paid to the beneficiary(ies).

3-Partial Withdrawal:
You have the option to make partial withdrawals from your account value after the policy has run for at least 5 years.

4-Complete Surrender:
You may also surrender your policy anytime after the payment of two full years’ premium during the life f the policy and get your surrender value. The surrender value equals total cash value less surrender charges.

You can take a loan of up to 90% of the net cash surrender value, which is the Account Value minus surrender charge.

6-Inflation Protection:
This is a value-added feature to cover the inflation impact. Your contributions will increase every year by 5% or 10% of the previous years’ contributions with this option. The sum assured will also increase accordingly.

7-Continuation Bonus:
As you continue the plan for longer term you will gain the higherr rewards in teroms of Conitunation Bonuses. The extra units will be allocated to your Account Value. This extra unit allocations is in addition to the basic units of allocations. The Continuation bonus allocation is as follows:

Policy Year Continuation Bonus Unit Allocation as % of Basic Premium to Account Value
7 5%
12 10%
17 20%

8-Additional Benefits:
You have the option to attach additional benefits to your basic policy and enhance the insurance coverage. These supplementary benefits are as follows:
a)Level Term Insurance Rider (LTR):
This feature guarantees a lump sum amount payable to your chosen beneficiary in case of death due to accident or sickness.
b)Family Protection Rider (FPR):
This feature guarantees payment of all your due Basic Premiums in case you were to become completely and permanently disabled, from the date of disability to the end of FPR term.
c)Accidental Death and Accidental Disability Benefit (AD & ADB):
A lump sum benefit is paid to you or your chosen beneficiary in case of accidental death or accidental permanent disability.
d)Monthly Income Benefit:
A monthly benefit is paid to you or your chosen beneficiary for the defined term of income benefit rider from the date of death or permanent disability.

9-Free-Look Period:
The plan offers a free-look period of 14 days in which you can cancel your policy by contacting Adamjee Life, and have your premium refunded. However, as per law, Adamjee Life reserves the right to deduct the expenses incurred on medical examination(s) of the Life Assured in connection with the issuance of this Policy.

Policy Terms and Eligibility
Minimum entry age 3 years (Age nearest birthday)
Maximum entry age 75 years (Age nearest birthday)
Minimum Policy Term 10 years
Maximum Policy Term up to age 85 years
Minimum Premium Payment Term 5 years
Basic Premium and Payment Modes
Minimum basic premium PKR 8,000
Payment modes Annual, Semi-annual & Quarterly
Minimum basic premium PKR 3,000
Payment mode Monthly

As you continue the policy towards its full term, your Account Value will be credited with a proportion of Basic Premiums that you pay in. The proportions allocated to your Account Value will be as follows:

Policy Year % Allocation of Basic Premium to Account Value
1 45%
2 75%
3 to 4 95%
5 onwards 100%



Management charges: 100 basis points of annual yield

Administration Fee:        PKR 15 per month

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