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Adamjee Life & KASB Bank strives to offer products which give you complete peace of mind and comfort of a secure future for you and your family. With you as our primary focus, Adamjee Life in association with KASB Bank brings “” – an investment plan that provides comprehensive financial protection for you and your family, and simultaneously gives you completely risk free saving options so that you are confident of having future under your control.

The policy assures financial support for your family, even in the unfortunate eventuality of your absence. Your family will receive a substantial amount, should something happen to you, thus it permanently protects your family from financial uncertainty. In addition, you would create a money saving option that empowers you to have a healthy corpus when you reach the end of your policy term.

By choosing Wealth Assure, you can make your funds work harder for you and ensure returns beyond your expectations. Whether covering life’s challenges or covering the risks associated with it, Wealth Assure gives you the carefree existence that you deserve.

Partial Withdrawal
After completion of five years of the policy, you are allowed to make small withdrawals from your account value.

Guaranteed Maturity
The account value at maturity, after at least 9 years from the policy date, is guaranteed to be not less than the sum of basic premiums paid. This guarantee is subject to conditions that premiums are paid regularly and no partial withdrawal is made.

Protection Benefit
In case of your (policy owner) death during the plan term, the accumulated account value or the aggregate basic premium paid during the plan term, whichever is higher, will be paid to the beneficiary(ies).

Complete Surrender
After the payment of surrender charges, you can fully surrender your policy at any time.

You have the option to obtain up to 90% of the net cash surrender value, which is equal to the account value minus surrender charges.

Additional riders can be attached to your policy to further enhance your insurance coverage. These supplementary benefits are as follows:
Level Term Insurance Rider (LTR):
This feature guarantees a lump sum amount payable to your chosen beneficiary, in case of your death due to accident or sickness.
Family Protection (Waiver of Premium Rider Disability):
This feature guarantees waiver of remaining basic premiums, you disabled, from the date of disability to the end of the rider term.
Family Protection (Waiver of Premium Rider Death):
This feature guarantees waiver of remaining basic premiums, in case of your unfortunate demise, from the date of your death to the end of the rider term.
Accidental Death & Disability:
A lump sum benefit is paid to your chosen beneficiary, in case of your accidental death or permanent disability.
Monthly Income Benefit:
Under this rider, your chosen beneficiary will receive monthly income, from the date of death or permanent disability to the end of the rider term.
Pay Continuation Rider (Accidental Death only):
In case of your unfortunate accidental death, your chosen beneficiary will receive a fix monthly payment for up to 12 months from the date of your death.
Minimum Entry Age:
5 years* (Age nearest to the next birthday)
Maximum Entry Age:
70 years
Minimum Policy Term:
9 years
Maximum Policy Term:
Up to 80 years of age
*An individual can purchase the policy on behalf of his/her children, but a rider can only be purchased once the insured person turns 18.
Minimum Annual Basic Premium:
Rs. 10,000
Payment Modes:
Annually / Semi-annually / Quarterly/ Monthly
The proportions of your premium allocated every year to your account value will be as follows:
Policy Year % Allocation of Basic Premium
to Account Value
1 40%
2 80%
3-5 95%
6 Onwards 100%
Management Charges:
1% of annual yield
Administration Fee:
Rs. 25 per month
Adamjee Life is registered and Supervised by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
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